Created by women, for women, serving women in terms of products and personaldevelopment.

Located in the heart of Agadir, Souss’ capital, the GIE Targanine includes 6 arganoil production cooperatives.

GIE Targanine is a socioeconomic project whose objective is the socialdevelopment of women, as well as the development and protection of the argantree by producing a high-quality organic oil.

Our cooperatives are located within a 200 Km radius around Agadir.


The Argania is important socio-economically. However, with the changes in rural lifestyles. Overexploitation, erosion and desertification, its consumption is declining.

UNESCO has therefore classified the Argania as a Biosphere Reserve (BR) in 1998. This designation is given to ecosystems where modern development must be reconciled with the preservation of biodiversity on a daily basis.

It is in this context that the Targanine cooperatives project was born in 1996 with the support of the Mohamed V University of Rabat with the objective of safeguarding the Argan tree: by making its users aware of the protection of their heritage and by economically developing the fruits from the Argan tree. At the same time, these actions help to improve the social condition of women: increase their income and access to literacy programs.

Today, there are 6 cooperatives (with more than 600 women) producing argan oil, used in food and cosmetics. The GIE Targanine, was created in 2003 in Agadir with the aim of helping the cooperatives in the marketing, promotion and valorization of the product at the national and international level.