Setting up pre-schools in member cooperative units

The introduction of pre-schools within women’s cooperatives has a profound and multifaceted impact. It empowers women, supports children’s education, strengthens community ties and contributes to local economic prosperity, creating a solid foundation for long-term sustainable development.

Setting up pre-schools within women’s cooperative units has a significant impact on several levels, both for the women members of these cooperatives and for their communities.
Women’s empowerment : By offering pre-school services, women’s cooperatives enable mothers of young children to participate more actively in the cooperative’s economic and social activities. This strengthens their financial independence and self-confidence as they realize that their children are receiving a quality early education.

Educational support : Cooperative preschools offer children a structured educational environment, contributing to their cognitive,social and emotional development. This prepares these children to enter the formal education system with a solid foundation, fostering their future academic success.

Community emancipation : The presence of these services within women’s cooperatives strengthens the social fabric of the community. Women members can benefit from mutual support networks and exchanges of knowledge on parenting and child development, thus strengthening community ties.

Economic impact : By enabling women members of cooperatives in the first instance and other women in the community to participate more actively in economic activities, pre-schools contribute to local economic development. Women have more time to devote to income-generating activities, which can have a positive impact on the community’s economic growth.

Encouraging women’s participation : The presence of pre-school facilities can encourage more women to join cooperatives, strengthening women’s voice and representation in decision-making within these organizations.

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