Richness of the soil of Souss Massa

Morocco is full of potential in terms of aromatic and medicinal plants, more than 4500 species and subspecies of which 950 endemic have been identified including 400 species classified as plants for medicinal and / or aromatic use.

Morocco enjoys favorable climatic conditions allowing the development of a rich and varied flora, which places it among the main producing countries in the field.

However, only 80 species are actually exploited, including spontaneous species such as: rosemary, white wormwood, thyme, wild chamomile, oregano, laurel sauce, carob tree, lavender, myrtle and cultivated MAPs such as, rose (Qlaat Mgouna), henna (Taraudant, Tata), saffron (Taliouine), mint, The cultivation of aromatic and medicinal plants is widespread in several regions of the country, including the Souss Massa region, which is the headquarters of all the member cooperatives of GIE Targanine.

Morocco is classified as the 12th largest exporter of WFP in the world, mainly to the European Union (EU)

Aromatic plants

The dried aromatic plants « Targanine » are collected according to good harvesting practices, then dried and carefully sorted in the premises of the member cooperatives before being transported to the group’s premises in Agadir.

Thyme  » Thymus satureioides and Thymus leptobotrys « , oregano, mugwort  » Artemisia herba alba « , lavender  » Lavandula dentata and Lavandula stoechas « , are plants available at GIE Targanine in bulk and packaged: 200gr, 100gr, 30gr

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