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Understanding Cisco Cloud Fundamentals

Here is the first course of two that prepares students for the exciting new CCNA Cloud certification from Cisco Systems. This Cisco training consists of action-packed, concise Nuggets that ensure exam mastery, as well as success in real-world cloud deployments....
Here is the first course of two that prepares students for the exciting new CCNA Cloud certification from Cisco Systems. This Cisco training consists of action-packed, concise Nuggets that ensure exam mastery, as well as success in real-world cloud deployments.

So many companies today are turning to cloud-based technologies to be more agile, flexible, and effective at delivering better business solutions. Today, the majority of companies are already using XaaS (Anything as a Service) offerings, and by 2018, it's estimated that 78% of workloads will be processed through the cloud.

This Cisco CCNA Cloud course covers cloud characteristics and deployment models including Cisco InterCloud. It also covers the basics of Cisco Cloud infrastructure such as the Unified Compute including Cisco UCS and server virtualization, Unified Fabric including Data Center network architecture and infrastructure virtualization, and Unified Storage including integrated infrastructure solutions.

Recommended skills:
  • Network+, CCENT, or CCNA R&S is not required, but recommended
Recommended equipment:
  • None
Related certifications:
  • CCNA Cloud
  • CCNA Data Center
Related job functions:
  • Network administrator
  • Network operations analyst
  • Network technician
  • Data Center admin
  • Data Center technician
  • Cloud architect
  • Cloud engineers
  • Cloud administrators
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1. Cloud Fundamentals Course Introduction (4 min)
2. Common Cloud Characteristics (17 min)
3. Cloud Service Models (11 min)
4. Cloud Deployment Models (7 min)
5. The Cisco Intercloud Solution (9 min)
6. The UCS C-Series (9 min)
7. The UCS B-Series (7 min)
8. The UCS Manager and UCS Central (8 min)
9. UCS Server Identity (9 min)
10. Server Virtualization (12 min)
11. The Cisco Nexus Family (15 min)
12. Unified Fabric (6 min)
13. Virtual Networking (10 min)
14. Cisco 1000V (7 min)
15. Virtual Networking Service Appliances (7 min)
16. SDN Fundamentals (10 min)
17. Cisco ACI (12 min)
18. Comparing Storage (5 min)
19. NAS Storage Concepts (7 min)
20. SAN Storage Concepts (6 min)
21. Cisco Storage Devices (5 min)
22. Converged Architectures (12 min)
23. Cloud Automation, Provisioning, and Management (3 min)

Cloud Fundamentals Course Introduction


Do you want to learn about what cloud technologies really are? Do you want to find out what specific Cisco products are being created to address cloud technologies? Do you want to separate the marketing fluff from what really has potential? You've come to the right place.


Cisco Cloud Fundamentals here at CBT Nuggets with me, your instructor, Anthony Sequiera. Now our focus is really going to be you completely comprehending these technologies and being able to implement many of them in the data center, or at least having the foundation knowledge that would let you really thrive in your own data center.


And, by the way, when I say data center, it could be a really small data center in a mom and pop shop or you could be striving to build something super exciting, like a public cloud. Maybe your goal is to compete with Amazon Web Services. That should be easy, right?


So whatever your goals, as far as knowledge goals, we're going to meet it head on. Also, as a byproduct, we're going to make sure you are ready for your CCNA Cloud Certification from Cisco Systems, should you be interested in that. Please note, there are two exams for this certification.


There is this particular course and the exam that coordinates with it, and then there's one that focuses on Cloud Administration Capabilities. We're going to break this course down into five major areas. First, we're going to really cover the fundamentals of cloud technologies, in general.


We're not getting Cisco specific here, so we're going to talk about like deployment models, particular cloud service models, and, as I said, this information is going to apply in any particular vendor environment you're working with. We then dive right into a bunch of the important Cisco specific stuff, and we begin with Cisco Compute Resources.


So we'll take a look at C Series rackmount servers, we'll take a look at those B series blade servers, we'll take a look at the Nexus equipment that sits around it, and the UCS Manager, the preferred application for making it all function. And, of course, you and I get very excited by networking-- you wouldn't be here if you weren't-- and you'll really be excited by the next portion of the course, where we take a look at what Cisco calls Unified Networking.


This is virtualization in the network in a big degree. We're going to see extremely flexible, robust technologies that we can take advantage of at the network infrastructure level. What other ingredient would be critical for today's data center and you and I really need to take some big steps forward in mastery, and that is storage.


We'll look at the latest in virtualized storage technologies, and we'll do really practical and important things, like compare DAS technologies to NAS technologies to SAN technologies and the underlying protocols that make them a reality. And finally, in Cisco Cloud Fundamentals, we'll take a look at converged architectures.


We'll take a look at these amazing marriages that we have between Cisco, NetApp, VMware, EMC, Red Hat. These companies are getting together now and they're providing great turnkey, out of the box solutions for us that will address things like our compute, our virtual networking, our virtualization software, our storage software.


We'll also look at the network management software from Cisco Systems and others that make easily orchestrating and provisioning these resources a possibility. Now in addition to these Nuggets that I highly encourage you to watch multiple times if you need to, take notes on, I'm also going to include some incredibly valuable resources for you in the NuggetLab files.


Especially if you were planning on taking the exam that coordinates with this class, I want you to get these NuggetLab files. I want you to go through the white papers and the PDFs that I have available for you. They're going to be key to your first time past success in your exam environment.


I also made over 100 flash cards for you to take advantage of to help master this material and get prepared for your exams. So you're going to want to go through the flashcards carefully. I highly encourage you to create your own flashcards, adding them to go over 100 flashcards I created to get you started, right?


So go ahead and make more and add them to the flash card deck that I'm giving you. The software that powers the electronic flashcards I'm giving you is the free Anki software, so just head up to their website and download that software-- it's available for most major platforms-- and get going in your studies with those free resources.


Like me, I'm sure you're very excited to get started. Go ahead and click the next Nugget and let's begin our journey through Cisco Cloud Fundamentals. I sure hope this Nugget was informative for you and I'd like to thank you for viewing.

Common Cloud Characteristics

Cloud Service Models

Cloud Deployment Models

The Cisco Intercloud Solution

The UCS C-Series

The UCS B-Series

The UCS Manager and UCS Central

UCS Server Identity

Server Virtualization

The Cisco Nexus Family

Unified Fabric

Virtual Networking

Cisco 1000V

Virtual Networking Service Appliances

SDN Fundamentals

Cisco ACI

Comparing Storage

NAS Storage Concepts

SAN Storage Concepts

Cisco Storage Devices

Converged Architectures

Cloud Automation, Provisioning, and Management

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