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Implementing Cisco Network Security

Join Keith Barker as you develop the skills required to support a security infrastructure, recognize threats and vulnerabilities to networks and systems, and mitigate security threats. The Cisco CCNA Security exam addresses core security technologies, as well as the installation, troubleshooting, and monitoring of network devices to maintain confidentiality, integrity, and availability of data and devices....
Join Keith Barker as you develop the skills required to support a security infrastructure, recognize threats and vulnerabilities to networks and systems, and mitigate security threats. The Cisco CCNA Security exam addresses core security technologies, as well as the installation, troubleshooting, and monitoring of network devices to maintain confidentiality, integrity, and availability of data and devices.

This course includes security concepts, secure access, VPN, secure routing and switching, Cisco firewall technologies, IPS, as well as content and endpoint security.

Whether you are fairly new to the network security world, or you've been in it for a while and simply want to fill in the gaps and see how all the pieces can be integrated together to build a fortress of security using a defense-in-depth approach, this course is for you.

This course includes recommendations to view Nuggets from other CBT Nuggets courses. While the course duration is listed as 7 hours, you should expect to spend approximately 30 hours training. A complete course outline indicating all additional videos can be found within the Supplemental Files.

Recommended Experience Recommended Equipment (emulated, simulated or physical)
  • Cisco IOS Routers
  • Cisco Catalyst Switches
  • Cisco ASA Firewall
  • PCs
Related Certification
  • Cisco CCNA Security (210-260)
Related Job Functions
  • Security Technician/Engineer
  • Network Designer
  • Network Administrator
This exam also meets the requirement for DOD 8750 and/or DOD 8140 baseline certifications IAT Level I and II.

Keith Barker has been a CBT Nuggets trainer since 2012 and holds a variety of Cisco certifications, including Cisco CCIE Routing and Switching, Cisco CCIE Security, and Cisco CCDP.
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1. Welcome to CCNA Security (2 min)
2. CIA (6 min)
3. Port Security Concepts (14 min)
4. Port Security Implementation (10 min)
5. DHCP Snooping Concepts (15 min)
6. DHCP Snooping Implementation (16 min)
7. PVLAN Concepts (9 min)
8. PVLAN Implementation (13 min)
9. DAI Concepts (16 min)
10. DAI Implementation (16 min)
11. Secure Switching (3 min)
12. Secure Switching Review (8 min)
13. IOS Firewall Services (3 min)
14. ZBF GNS3 Integration (23 min)
15. Zone-Based Firewall Review (17 min)
16. ASA Concepts (2 min)
17. ASA GNS3 Integration (11 min)
18. ASA Activation (7 min)
19. Build an ASA GNS3 Topology (13 min)
20. ASA CLI configuration in GNS3 (20 min)
21. ASA and ASDM working in GNS3 (13 min)
22. ASA NAT (4 min)
23. ASA NAT Lab (14 min)
24. ASA ACLs (16 min)
25. ASA MPF, Modes & HA (4 min)
26. ASA MPF and DMZ Lab (20 min)
27. NFP, Hardening, AAA, and more (2 min)
28. AAA, Review, and Assessment (18 min)
29. AAA on the ASA (1 min)
30. Cryptography, IPsec, and SSL/TLS (1 min)
31. Going Deeper into Crypto and VPNs (4 min)
32. Crypto Review and Lab (19 min)
33. Crypto and VPN Assessment (4 min)
34. IDS & IPS Fundamentals (3 min)
35. IDS/IPS Review and Assessment (16 min)
36. FirePOWER (12 min)
37. Defense in Depth (18 min)
38. Putting on the Parka (5 min)

Welcome to CCNA Security


Hello, my name is Keith Barker and on behalf of the entire CBT Nuggets family, I'd like to welcome you to CCNA Security. Let's begin. As you and I embark together on this journey through the world of CCNA Security, which is for exam 210-260, I have a couple of tips I'd like to share with you.


Number one, I would invite you to enjoy our time together. Every single Nugget is going to have a lot of fun and new, exciting things in it. And we're going to be learning as we go through it together, so please enjoy the process. Another key factor-- for you and I really internalizing and mastering this content-- is to get some hands on practice.


And I'll give you the tools and techniques that we can use to build home labs to get the practice. But you know what, it's up to you, my friend, to actually do the practice that I assign. So any time there's homework that I assign, I'd love it if you'd make sure that you do that as part of your studies to become CCNA certified and to really master this content.


And the third thing I'd like to encourage you to do-- and its helped me in the past, so I want to pass it along to you as well-- is I would invite you to commit. And you might ask, well, Keith, what should we commit to. And I would say, we should start by committing our time.


For example, maybe committing so many days a week and so many minutes a day, maybe 15 minutes a day, three or four days a week. And then commit that publicly. Go ahead and commit it to your family, your friends. Let people know that you are serious. Because that will help you with a little, teeny added advantage, a little bit of pressure to make sure that you actually follow through on it.


Because you made the commitment, now you're going to follow through on it. And if you want to commit to me, I would love that as well. In fact, you go ahead and make a commitment up on my Keith Barker networking page on Facebook or on Twitter. And just say something like, I commit to, you know, 15 minutes a day, four days a week, or whatever you're ready to commit to.


And then after you've made that commitment, let's get into these Nuggets. Let's get into this hands-on practice, and let's really nail it. So I kept this video, my friend, very, very short because I wanted you and I to get right into our next video, which is on the concepts of confidentiality, data integrity, and availability.


I'll see you in that next Nugget. Until then, I hope this has been informative for you. And I'd like to thank you for viewing.


Port Security Concepts

Port Security Implementation

DHCP Snooping Concepts

DHCP Snooping Implementation

PVLAN Concepts

PVLAN Implementation

DAI Concepts

DAI Implementation

Secure Switching

Secure Switching Review

IOS Firewall Services

ZBF GNS3 Integration

Zone-Based Firewall Review

ASA Concepts

ASA GNS3 Integration

ASA Activation

Build an ASA GNS3 Topology

ASA CLI configuration in GNS3

ASA and ASDM working in GNS3




ASA MPF, Modes & HA


NFP, Hardening, AAA, and more

AAA, Review, and Assessment

AAA on the ASA

Cryptography, IPsec, and SSL/TLS

Going Deeper into Crypto and VPNs

Crypto Review and Lab

Crypto and VPN Assessment

IDS & IPS Fundamentals

IDS/IPS Review and Assessment


Defense in Depth

Putting on the Parka

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