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  • Tom William
    Tom William

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February 2009 · Dianzi Yu Xinxi Xuebao/Journal of Electronics and Information Technology
    As a classical Active Queue Management (AQM) algorithm, compared with RED (Random Early Detection), BLUE has many advantages. BLUE uses packet loss and link idle events to manage congestion. However, there are still some insufficiencies in parameter setting for BLUE. Especially when TCP connections changed dramatically will lead to queue overflow and underflow. Based on the study of BLUE, a... [Show full abstract]
    April 2010 · Journal- Chinese Institute of Engineers · Impact Factor: 0.24
      This paper presents a framework for TCP congestion control, called “Bandwidth‐based TCP”, which differs from most TCP algorithms by using the bandwidth estimation as the congestion measure to control the window size increment. It tries to predict the equilibrium point of window size then make the congestion window approach this point in a round‐trip‐time. First of all, an overview of TCP and... [Show full abstract]
      January 1977
        This paper considers the problem of congestion in message-switched, or packet-switched, networks, which employ probabilistic routing schemes. A queueing model for the analysis of a local congestion control scheme is presented. Analytic study of the model shows that local congestion control with random routing is superior to similar control with deterministic routing for a particular example... [Show full abstract]
        November 2015 · Electronics Letters · Impact Factor: 0.93
          A mathematical model to analyse the saturation throughput of IEEE 802.11ac medium access control (MAC) is proposed. The main contributions of the proposed model are the integration of the transmission opportunity (TXOP) sharing mode and the consideration of variablelength MAC protocol data units, instead of a fixed-length assumption. By using the model, accurate results (within 2% relative... [Show full abstract]
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